We are integrated within the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics, a UK leading centre working on problems ranging environmental barrier coatings for jet-engines to bio-inspired composites.

Group leader

Sam Humphry-Baker


2022 EPSRC Open Research Fellow

2017 Imperial College Research Fellow


2014 PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

2009 MEng, Materials Science, University of Oxford

Current team members

Mashu Hasegawa (PhD)

Education: MSci in Physics, University of Glasgow

Research interests: Swelling and irradiation damage of tungsten boride

Jamie Davidson (PhD)

Education: MSc in Materials Engineering, University of Swansea

Research interests: Development of damage tolerant tungsten borides

Joe Pollard (PhD)

Education: MChem in Chemistry, University of Bangor

Research interests: Processing and thermal stability of hafnium hydride

Archana Prasad (MEng)

Research interests: Controlling impurities in tungsten boride ceramics through powder processing.

Berenice Bulteel (MEng)

Research interests: Cold sintering of metal hydrides.

Antoine Dumain (MEng)

Research interests: Thermal stability of metal hydrides.

Nerojan Navaratnarajah (MEng)

Research interests: Wetting behaviour of tungsten boride ceramics with metals

Xiaoyi Liu (MSc)

Research interests: Development of tungsten boride composites reinforced with metallic binders

Previous group members

2021-present Shao Sicong, UROP, Tungsten heavy alloy structure-property relations

2021-present Yusha Lin, MSc, Accident Tolerant Tungsten for Fusion Applications

2021-present Nicholas Ellis, MEng, Thermal Stability of Hafnium Hydride

2020-present Joe Pollard, PhD, Advanced Hydride Shielding: Synthesis, Stability, and Properties

2020 Dora Nagy, MSc, An Oxidation Mechanism Map for Tungsten

2020 Luca Weller (2nd), UROP, EBSD of Creep Deformation in WC-Co

2020 Aishwarya Varanasi, UROP, Hardness-Fracture Toughness Relations in WC-based Ceramics

2020 Ouguzi Aihemaiti, MEng, Mechanical Properties of W-W2B composites

2019-present James Davidson, PhD, Development of Damage-Tolerant W2B5

2019 Paridhi Poddar, UROP, WC-Reinforced Nanostructured W Alloys

2019 Charles McFadzean, UROP, Oxidation Resistance of Tungsten Boride

2019 Ouguzi Aihemaiti, UROP, Diffusion bonding of WC and Steel

2019 Michail Athanasakis, MSc, Mechanical Performance of W-W2B as a New Neutron Shield

2019 Alexandre Kot (2nd), MSc, Crystal Growth for Fracture Energy Measurement in WC

2018-present Benjamin Currie, PhD, Binderless WC: Mechanical Properties in Extreme Environments

2018 Jiajun Shou, MSc, Creep Resistance of Novel Co-free WC Composites

2018 Maxim Vreeswijk (2nd), MEng, Microstructural Design for Micromechanical Testing of WC

2017 Jay Park, MSc, Thermal Stability of Zr-based MAX phases

2017 Aran Mistry, UROP, Sintering of Tungsten Boride Ceramics

2015 Blessing Tavaya (2nd), MSc, Mechanical Properties of WC-FeCr Composites