My team is integrated within the Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics, a UK leading centre working on problems ranging environmental barrier coatings for jet-engines to bio-inspired composites.

Group leader

Sam Humphry-Baker


2022 EPSRC Open Research Fellow

2017 Imperial College Research Fellow


2014 PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, MIT

2009 MEng, Materials Science, University of Oxford

PhD students

Ben Currie

Education: MEng in Materials Science with Nuclear Engineering, University of Sheffield

Research interests: Deformation of WC in thermal and irradiation environments

Jamie Davidson

Education: MSc in Materials Engineering, University of Swansea

Research interests: Development of damage tolerant tungsten borides

Joe Pollard

Education: MChem in Chemistry, University of Bangor

Research interests: Processing and thermal stability of hafnium hydride

Previous group members

2021-present Shao Sicong, UROP, Tungsten heavy alloy structure-property relations

2021-present Yusha Lin, MSc, Accident Tolerant Tungsten for Fusion Applications

2021-present Nicholas Ellis, MEng, Thermal Stability of Hafnium Hydride

2020-present Joe Pollard, PhD, Advanced Hydride Shielding: Synthesis, Stability, and Properties

2020 Dora Nagy, MSc, An Oxidation Mechanism Map for Tungsten

2020 Luca Weller (2nd), UROP, EBSD of Creep Deformation in WC-Co

2020 Aishwarya Varanasi, UROP, Hardness-Fracture Toughness Relations in WC-based Ceramics

2020 Ouguzi Aihemaiti, MEng, Mechanical Properties of W-W2B composites

2019-present James Davidson, PhD, Development of Damage-Tolerant W2B5

2019 Paridhi Poddar, UROP, WC-Reinforced Nanostructured W Alloys

2019 Charles McFadzean, UROP, Oxidation Resistance of Tungsten Boride

2019 Ouguzi Aihemaiti, UROP, Diffusion bonding of WC and Steel

2019 Michail Athanasakis, MSc, Mechanical Performance of W-W2B as a New Neutron Shield

2019 Alexandre Kot (2nd), MSc, Crystal Growth for Fracture Energy Measurement in WC

2018-present Benjamin Currie, PhD, Binderless WC: Mechanical Properties in Extreme Environments

2018 Jiajun Shou, MSc, Creep Resistance of Novel Co-free WC Composites

2018 Maxim Vreeswijk (2nd), MEng, Microstructural Design for Micromechanical Testing of WC

2017 Jay Park, MSc, Thermal Stability of Zr-based MAX phases

2017 Aran Mistry, UROP, Sintering of Tungsten Boride Ceramics

2015 Blessing Tavaya (2nd), MSc, Mechanical Properties of WC-FeCr Composites